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This COVID19 pandemic has affected our economic life one way or the other. But I was happy that I was able to make 600$ from affiliates during this lockdown period.

Here’s the thing. We all want to earn extra money online, and one way or the other, we have Googled on how to earn online, or ways to earn from Instagram etc. There’s this joy of earning from online sources.

During this lockdown, I saw that many of my friends have made the best use of the time to upgrade their skills and talents. I envy them and their skills and talents.

I too had my own plans. When the lockdown starts, I have had many plans of making the best use of the lockdown days to upgrade my skills by enrolling in some online courses, to update myself with the latest web designing ideas, and SEO skills from Udemy, EDX, or Coursera etc.

Well, that didn’t happen as I was too lazy to study and was spending most of my time making websites or writing blogs or checking out web development websites.

So I thought why not make use of the time to earn some money. And luckily I was able to make 595 US Dollars just from affiliates during this lockdown.

A2Hosting Affiliate

Here’s what I did

There are indeed many ways to earn money online, be it in terms of ads on your blog websites, or through writing content, or through affiliates like Amazon. Though I have so far earned more than 400$ from Google Adsense, the earnings are quite slow if you don’t have a heavy traffic website. And also, Google Adsense earnings are much lesser in India as compared to countries like the US, UK, etc. 

Another way to earn online is through Affiliates. There are many affiliate options (just Google it and you will find tons of affiliate programs). Since I’m more into web designing and web development, I had signed up for Web Hosting Affiliates.

Again, there are many web hosting affiliates in the market. What’s important is to choose the best web hosting affiliates with the highest payouts. I have affiliates accounts with a few web hosting providers including A2Hosting, BigRock Affiliates, GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc. While BigRock affiliates pay me just Rs 750 for each successful referral, A2Hosting pays me 85$ (around 6k current rate). Now that’s nothing comparable between the two.

How I earned from A2Hosting affiliates

I had registered for A2 Hosting affiliates somewhere last year. But I didn’t capitalize on it. It was during those lockdown days that I decided to work on it. Making use of the lockdown, I wrote some blogs about A2Hosting and shared it on Facebook pages. Also during this time, I got some requests from a client from abroad and also some friends to create their website. So I made 7 referrers during this time and made a total of 595$ during this time. Out of this, I have already been paid 340$ and another 255$ is due for payment.

How you can start earning from A2Hosting Affiliate

Sign up for A2Hosting Affiliate Program. Once you successfully sign up and activate your account, you will get a unique referral link. You can use the link and insert it on your blog post, Facebook post, or directly send the link to your friends and families.

You may say that you are not into web designing and all. But hey you will definitely find a friend or a family who requires a website. You can convince them to use your link to get the web hosting. And once they purchase the web hosting from A2 Hosting through your link, you will get 85$ commission per successful referral into your account!

And Yes, don’t worry when you tell your friends or families to get hosting from A2Hosting as it is an awesome web hosting with great features, speed, and excellent support. I have been using A2Hosting to run my websites for almost three years and have faced no issues till now. Their support is also amazing.

So what you waiting for. Sign Up Now for A2Hosting Affiliates and start earning! is hosted on A2Hosting - A Fast & Secure Web Hosting

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