The Boys With No Fares – A Teachers’ Day Story

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(This is a 2018 story which I’m reposting on my blog as the story and the people are dear to me)

Whats’ the most memorable thing that you have done for your teacher on teachers’ day? To what extent have you gone to show your love for your teacher?

Well, I just came across this touching story of schoolkids who have walked more than 20 Kms from their village to buy gifts for their class teachers.

Though buying gifts should not be the only means of showing our love and respect to our teachers, but as kids, we tend to have the joy of buying gifts for our teachers.

In order to get their class teacher gifts on Teachers day, these school-kids had raised 600 Rs from their class but they didn’t have enough money for taxi fares. The taxi fare from that village to town cost Rs 150 per person.

So with no options left, these 7 students had to start off their journey as early as 2 am in the morning (I’m sure it must be pitch dark by that time) to reach the town which is around 27 Kms away from their village. But that’s not all, they have started off in the wee hours as they have to return back to the village the same day. Now can you imagine someone walking more than 50 Kms (to & fro) in a day just to buy gifts, and that also kids who are as young as 13, 14 yrs.

However, their journey turns into a memorable one as they encountered a good Samaritan by the name of Yursem Varam (a good friend of my late bro Soso). After what had happened that day, Yursem Varam had shared the story on his Facebook page. And with his permission, I’m sharing with you all the beautiful story he had posted on his Facebook wall.

The Boys With No Fares – A Teachers’ Day Story 2

The Story!

So these seven (7) Students from Ruichumhao Memorial High School, Somdal came up to Ukhrul HQ yesterday (1st Sept.) to purchase a gift for their class teacher for the purpose of Teachers Day. Since it was a holiday (weekend), these 7 Students(3 in Std VI, 3 in Std VII and 1 in Std VIII) dare to walk on by foot, a stretch of 27 Km as they couldn’t afford ₹150 / head for the Taxi fare. They set forth from the village at early 2:00 am and reached Ukhrul by 6:00 am (many of you’re asleep at this time). Class VII contribute ₹20 each from 16/19 Students and class VI received ₹300 from giving a social service to one of the families in the village. So they came to Ukhrul HQ with a budget of ₹600/- only, agg.

It was at 7:00 hrs when I saw these village schoolboys aimlessly strolling down the street. I had just finished my class @SproutCulture, as I peep through the window, they were circling around near the lobby of our classroom building not knowing where they should be heading to. Curious, I went down and encounter them.

*Me:* Hey Boys!
*Them:* All turned back.

*Me:* Where are you going?
*Them:* Looking for frame (Photo frames)

*Me:* What frame?
*Them:* For Teacher’s Day.

*Me:* Sigh…. (No shops would be open this early!)

*Me:* Nathum khi school doh? (Which school are you from?)
*Them:* RMHS

*Me:* Somdal?
*Them:* Yes.

*Me:* Katharan Ukhrul li shok Khala? (When did you come to Ukhrul?)
*Them:* Ajangathor.

*Me:* Pung kayakha li zatphok Kala shokpei ? (What time did you start off and what time did you reach?)
*Them:* 2:00 – 6:00 am.

*Me:* Applauds

Confidently, I mentioned some of their school teachers which I know, Sir Pamreithing, Sir Nanso(Posthumous), Sir Christianson (uncle) et al…. You know them?
*Them:* Yes, Yes…(All nod their head)

*Me:* I told them they’re my friends in High school and recently visited their Village.
*Them:* Grinned.

*Me:* So when are you going back to village?
*Them:* Today itself. By foot again.

So even though we’re strangers, with that connection, I told them that I can help them out and we all went to a hotel ( Community Circle) at the drop of a hat.

They ate only 2/3 lumps of Puri and a cup of fresh milk. Had they not ate Bora, Shinju at Mangan store line(before we met)… they could have easily gulped away 5/6 pieces of Puri

It was 8:30 hrs by the time we moved out from the hotel. We walked down till Ukhrul higher secondary school ground (not TNL) in search of the frame and stopped by the ongoing football training held by UFC to represent Tangkhul Community in NE Tamchon Football Tournament at Delhi.

The students were really gung-ho witnessing town life. Few of them speak fluent Tangkhul dialect while others don’t. The most difficult thing is crossing the road. No Zebra crossing, no traffic rules, just sprint. Pure raw, it was. New kid on the block.

Standing by the roadside, I remember some of them waving hands at vehicle coming towards from village and saying “Eshim nao Miss Gari lai tolei)

We took a U-turn from there and strolled back the same road again via Viewland-Phungreitang.

Every passing of store, they do window shopping so it took almost an hour to reach Phungreitang from football Ground.

I asked them if they have got anything to buy before leaving the town, two raise their hands, one of them would like to buy a Tee and a trouser (₹200 ). Other than that ₹600 for buying frame, the students have got some odd Jack in their pockets. In the blink of an eye, One of them hastily pick away second hand socks and handed ₹40 to the owner without bargaining. I settled it for ₹20.

As we reached one of the stationeries, their minds change from buying frame to Parker pen, watch, flowers, globe, mini table…. even the boy wanting to buy a Tee and a trouser ended up buying a Mask and Printed Scarf. Their mind was so mercurial. Finally, they settled for a Frame and a glass-stand with globe. While in the store, they almost touched all the stuffs, asking the price, re-check their pockets . The dealer and I had to excrete a lot of hysteria aka laughing gas (N2O).

Shopping done. We went to 25° North for chicken lollipop and fried rice. Chipemshang, the eldest among them pray the prayer. (Extra Paratha packed with Aluminium foil for their journey) And look, who joined us??? @Yuimivashum.

The rain is pouring then, time is 2 pm, they have to go anyway.
Dropped them till Ngainga junction and these 7 Students happily went back to Somdal again. What I realized is that….The students from RMHS have the utmost love and respect for their TEACHERS.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the Teachers.

PS: It is learned that the school teachers have told the kids not to take such troubles again in the future but rather show their love for their class teachers with good performances. is hosted on A2Hosting - A Fast & Secure Web Hosting

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