She Poem


Who may she be?She who has captivated my mind,She who has woven my heart,And gave me immense joy under the sun. Who may she be? She in whom I find serenity,She in whom I find happiness,She, in whose eyes I see love. She, Oh! She. She who is clothed in purity,Who wears a Kongsang of righteousness,And holds …

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kongsang philava

Kongsang Philava

Kongsang Philava Oh iwui Kongsang Philava; Khina shemlo nali. Ngachanlei okathuina; Oh, nawui khamatha. Khina sakhui kachanglo nali; Nganaipat kahai nazak; Mathingrik kahai na uklung; Kahao yao, oh nawui khamatha. Ato aze, zingsho zingtun; Ngayaophup nawui khamaho. Mathamei Zingtai wui Mansingla lila; Mayo mei Maitonphy lila. Oh! Iwui Kongsang Philava; Na hiya Vare wui achuk …

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Morung: An Ode

Amidst the land of my forefathers;Stood a Hall praised for its excellence.The whites who roam our borders;Extol it greater than theirs. A hall filled with great carvings;Of horns and skulls that fills the pillars.Decorated by those dexterous hands;The hands that are molded in such Morungs. Music of different notes echoes.Echoes out sweetly from the Morung.Laughter …

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