She Poem


Who may she be?She who has captivated my mind,She who has woven my heart,And gave me immense joy under the sun. Who may she be? She in whom I find serenity,She in whom I find happiness,She, in whose eyes I see love. She, Oh! She. She who is clothed in purity,Who wears a Kongsang of righteousness,And holds […]

Kongsang Philava

Kongsang Philava

Kongsang Philava Oh iwui Kongsang Philava; Khina shemlo nali. Ngachanlei okathuina; Oh, nawui khamatha. Khina sakhui kachanglo nali; Nganaipat kahai nazak; Mathingrik kahai na uklung; Kahao yao, oh nawui khamatha. Ato aze, zingsho zingtun; Ngayaophup nawui khamaho. Mathamei Zingtai wui Mansingla lila; Mayo mei Maitonphy lila. Oh! Iwui Kongsang Philava; Na hiya Vare wui achuk […]

from myheart to yours

From my heart to yours

Guest Blog: This is a guest blog submitted by my good friend Stephanie (name changed) where she writes a heart touching letter to her best friend and her lover. ‘From My Heart To Yours’ is a story of two best friends who knew they are madly in love with one another yet circumstances don’t allow […]


A month without a Mother

There are some days in our life which we cannot forget. Days which are inscribed in our hearts, some dark days which gives us heartache. Days which you wish were just a bad nightmare.  July 16, 2018 was one of such days in my life, the day I nearly died from wasp stings (I will […]

A timeless love letter


In the silence of the silent night,  When the breeze is at rest.  She took her last breath with all her might;  E’er wanting her breath to last.    She closes her weak innocent eyes,  As death grip hold of her life.  Set forth a journey beyond the skies,  Ne’er to become a man’s wife.  […]


Morung: An Ode

Amidst the land of my forefathers;Stood a Hall praised for its excellence.The whites who roam our borders;Extol it greater than theirs. A hall filled with great carvings;Of horns and skulls that fills the pillars.Decorated by those dexterous hands;The hands that are molded in such Morungs. Music of different notes echoes.Echoes out sweetly from the Morung.Laughter […]

mothers day poem

A Letter to my Mom..

In thy laps, I grew, Nested in your unconditional love. Tuning into your ‘Naokhot Laa’; This still echoes my ears. You brought me up like a king, Whose every wish and whims were met. Like a bird who flew beyond the sky, Just to get a food for her younglings; You fed me. My rivers […]

mothers love poem

A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s love surpasses every Love, An Unconditional Love in its truest form. Peace, joy, and comfort; Where can you get it all? I got it all from my mother’s Lap. Behind every wrinkled line on her face, Lies a tale of remarkable sacrifice. A tale of how I transform From a boy to manhood. […]

the wedding

The Wedding

He stood there at the altar beside his best friend, looking down at the beautiful bride that is walking down the aisle. Her beautiful smile is brighter than ever and her radiant skins glow like a morning sunrays. It’s been three years already since he knew her. And while he stood there at the altar, […]