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About Me

I’m a self taught web designer with more than 12 years of experience. Web Designing is my greatest passion. Over the years, I have helped individuals, organizations and business establishments by taking care of their websites. Be it an Artist, a Musician, an NGO, or a Start-Ups, I have successfully helped them transform their visions into creative results.

Be it a personal website, or  business website, social networking website, or E-Commerce website, I have successfully made it all, and you can count on me for any such projects.

SEO is ❤️

Im currently investing my time and knowledge on SEO apart from my web-designing projects.  SEO is what will help you in discovering your website and your business online.


I don’t work for any web-designing company. I’m a freelancer and you can reach me anytime for any freelancing projects!


PGD in International Business

Bachelors of International Business & Finance



First Web Designing Project


Fell in ❤️ with WordPress


Successfully Completed 50+ Website Projects


WordPress 75%
Photoshop 66%
Html & CSS 71%


wedding website

Getting hitched? Here’s an awesome wedding website ideas for you

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Marriage they say is one of the most memorable days in one’s life and people are making sure they had the perfect wedding. Right from the invitation card, the gown, the venue, the receptions, the decorations, the theme, the photographers, everything has to be well planned out. Wedding ceremonies are getting fancier day by day;…

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She Poem


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Who may she be?She who has captivated my mind,She who has woven my heart,And gave me immense joy under the sun. Who may she be? She in whom I find serenity,She in whom I find happiness,She, in whose eyes I see love. She, Oh! She. She who is clothed in purity,Who wears a Kongsang of righteousness,And holds…

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paytm gold

How I’m saving gold for my wedding using PayTM cashback


We all love freebies, and what’s better when the freebies are in cash or in Gold?. Yes, I’m talking about Cashback in PayTM Gold!. We all love cashback and we all love Golds! Don’t we? Well, guess what, I have found a goldmine which can save me a lot of headaches in the future.And I’m…

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