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I have been making websites for over a decade. I remember getting hold of a book on how to make a web page in HTML. This was way back in 2006/2007. Ever since then, my interest in web designing has developed. I remember how I create a first web page in HTML. I remember the times I spend endless hours in cyber cafes learning how to make websites.

I’m self-taught. Its the passion for making websites and spending time online trying new scripts that keep me going till now.

Over the years I have made websites for many people, organizations and friends. But mostly on charity. Professionally I have worked with Creatgraph to develop some of the best websites. You can check some of my work from my portfolio page.

However, this time, I’m going to do the web designing for a cause! Every time I get paid for the web designing work, half of the earnings will be donated to for a library in one of the schools in my Village – Ruichumhao Memorial High School (RMHS). The other half, well let me treat myself a coffee with the other half…. Wink!

Here’s a look at the present library in RMHS.

The school has students from class nursery till class 10. As you can see, there is a great need for more books and proper bookshelves.

In this age of technologies and SMS lingos, there is a great need to influence the young students to develop the habits of reading.

So help me to get more books for the school library.

If you need a website, or if you know anyone who needs a website, please get in touch with me. By giving me the opportunity to make websites for you, you are also becoming a part of the library project and helping the students in my village. This time it’s in my village, next time it can be yours and you can count me in when you need someone for such projects.

PS: I don’t have fixed rates for web designing. You can just pay me what you feel is right!!!


PS PS: If you don’t have a websites to make, but you want to be a part of the library project, you can also get in touch with me. You can donate books, or cash, or any other thing that will be useful in the library!

You can also donate through PayPal.

Shimray.com is hosted on A2Hosting - A Fast & Secure Web Hosting

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