Women – The premium upgrade from men

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According to the Christian belief, God made the first man out of the dust and made the first woman out of man’s rib. And ever since then, the debate of man is superior to women have been going on. Men have been arguing that woman is just a part of them as they were made out of their ribs and that itself implies that men are superior to women.

Well today, as the world celebrates International Women’s Day, let me take the opportunity to tell women that they are the premium upgraded version of a human being or to put it in other words, the premium upgraded version of man!

Man constantly works for updating and upgrading our lives and things around us. God is indifferent. God was a perfectionist.

When God created man, he felt something was missing. So God decided to update and upgrade the human he had created. He saw the man and found out that, even though he is strong and powerful, love and compassion were missing, mercy was falling short, and there was less forgiveness in man. And God also wanted to make the human look more beautiful. So with all these in mind, God created woman out of man’s rib. But unlike man, the woman was not created out of dust. God for His masterpiece used the parts of the human body. To put it in other words God used the premium materials to make a woman!

Yes, women are the premium upgraded version of hu(man) being. Yes, the woman is God’s own masterpiece. But having said that women are full of love and compassion doesn’t mean women are weak. When God created woman, he adds further qualities to man and did not take out any qualities from the man that he had already created. Yes, women are as powerful and as strong as the man himself.

I know women are full of love and compassion, I know this from my mother. My mother, my first love, spent hours under the sun just to fulfill my tiny little wishes. Behind every single line of her wrinkled face, every single line of her cracked feet lays a remarkable story – a story of highest dedication, a tale of purest love and care and testimony of living sacrifice. (Read my poem A Mother’s Love)

I know women are strong and determined, I know this from my sister. In spite of all the hardships she has gone through in life, she still stands strong and faces life challenges. The kind of responsibilities she had shouldered upon even from her young age, makes me realized woman is determined and more motivated than man.

Women are merciful and filled with forgiveness; I know this because I have hurt women in the past. Done things which I do not deserve forgiveness. Yet their gentle loving heart filled with compassion washes away my wrong deeds.

Happy International Women‘s Day

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