How I’m saving gold using PayTM cashback

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We all love freebies, and what’s better when the freebies are in cash or in Gold?. Yes, I’m talking about Cashback in PayTM Gold!. We all love cashback and we all love Golds! Don’t we?

Well, guess what, I have found a goldmine which can save me a lot of headaches in the future.And I’m here to share you the details!

You see, being a bachelor, words like ‘savings’, ‘marriage’ scare the hell out of me. But one day or the other, I will have to get married and then I will definitely need a lot of money (Savings) to meet the expenses.



Being a poor guy with a YOLO attitude, I have been struggling a lot with savings. Even after years of working, I literally haven’t been able to save anything.

And if I have to get married soon, I badly need to start savings ASAP!

I also need gold for the wedding. But thankfully, being born in a society where there is not much of Gold involved during weddings, all I need will be just some grams of Gold for the wedding rings.

And that’s when I started to do something with PayTM that can help me take care of the Gold Savings to help me during my wedding! You see, I have started accumulating PayTM Gold by buying it with Cashback I have received from PayTM!

I hope I will have enough PayTM golds by then which I can either get it delivered in real gold or sell it off and buy the rings from some jewelry shops!

MY PayTM Cashback – PayTM GOLD SCHEME!

I have been using PayTM for some years now. Well, today I was just going through the app and checking the account Passbook. There’s a filter option where I can filter and check the amount received, paid or added. As I checked my amount received details, in the last one year (from Nov 2017 onwards till November 2018) I have received Rs 9342 cashback from PayTM alone.


paytm cashback

Screenshot of my PayTM Cashback received

I have used PayTM for almost everything, from flight bookings to hotel, to phone recharges, DTH recharges and possibly any payments. The good thing about PayTM is that there’s a cashback offers here and there.

If you have a PayTM app installed, check the offers while making the payment. Also in the PayTM app, check on the right corner for ‘CashBack’ and activate the relevant offers. As you can see from the image below, I have activated many offers and also received the cashback.


paytm cashback offers

PayTM Offers screenshot

I use to collect this cashback, no matter how small the amount is. This cashback is then used to buy PayTM gold. The good thing about PayTM Gold is that you can buy for any amount of money. Be it 5 Rs or 10Rs or 100 Rs. Though I don’t look at it as an investment option, I’m using it to accumulate golds by buying the gold from cashback.


PayTM Gold

The accumulated golds can then be exchanged for a real gold by paying the gold coin making charges or can easily be sold off at the prevailing market price.

Apart from buying gold from cashback, I also sometimes purchase it from my own pocket. However, 90% of the golds I have purchased are through cash backs only!

Hopefully, in the next one two years, I will have enough golds to make those shiny little things!!!(if you know what I mean!)

So what are you waiting for, start using PayTM and start buying PayTM Gold from the Cashback!!!

Happy Earning & Savings!!!

Get in touch with me if you have further queries.

PS: At the time of writing this post, I have only around 4k worth of gold as I have sold some of it. The intention of this post is to share how I’m making the best use of PayTM cashback and also to let others know about the PayTM Cashback, PayTM Gold and how can make use of it!

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