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In one Facebook conversation, amei Aran Chihui mentioned how some big companies were founded during difficult times like the one we are facing right now. I did a quick Google search and found two interesting articles, ’13 Massive Companies That Started During a Recession’ on Medium, and ’10 successful startups founded during 2008 Great Recession’ on FoxBusiness.

Indeed, many great companies that we know today were founded during difficult times such as the great depression or the 2008 economic recession.

No doubt, this current pandemic has affected our lives and business in many ways unthinkable.  But in the midst of these uncertainties and challenges, it is encouraging to see NE eCommerce websites popping up.

Here are some of the NE based eCommerce websites that were launched during this pandemic.


Launched – August 2020
Products: Mostly Tribal Foods and attires

NE eCommerce Website That's Launched During This Pandemic 1

Brief info: Our Journey began way back in summer 2019, When Shin Rumthao met Dearson Khansu in Bangalore after Tangkhul Christian Fellowship Bangalore(TCFB) sunday service. They shared the ideas and challenges faced by everyone to access Tribal products, mainly our Northeast community living in different cities staying out of their hometown. That’s why Tribalgoo exists to made tribal products available to you namely Tribal food, traditional attire, accessories and other essential and non-essentials commodities when you need it the most. To fill the gap to get what you want at the right Time: Anytime, Anywhere, Everywhere.


Domain registration – May 2020
Products: Teas, Chocolates, Pickles, Beauty products from all over NE

NE eCommerce Website That's Launched During This Pandemic 2

Brief info: NE Origins is an online marketplace that sells products sourced from amidst the greenest hills and the pristine Himalayas and made with the goodness of raw resources, a precision in the creative process and a load of affection of the north-eastern diversity.


Launched: August 2020
Product line: Designer Wear

NE eCommerce Website That's Launched During This Pandemic 3

Brief Info: Zingrin is a womenswear retail brand, established in 2007. It was founded by Sonia Muivah, an entrepreneur from Manipur; a brand named after her daughter who is now spearheading the brand.

Zingrin was started with the vision to bring good quality western wear in the north-east, which then intentionally or unintentionally became one of the most sought-after fashion brands in the capital and the film city. Its specialty is delivering quality garments with good fit for the everyday women.

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Launched: August 2020
Products: YellowChain is not exactly an eCommerce website, but a directory listing of business in Nagaland.

NE eCommerce Website That's Launched During This Pandemic 4

Brief Info: Investment & Development Authority of Nagaland (IDAN), Government of Nagalandintroduces “Yellowchain”, a platform to promote entrepreneurship by creating opportunity and environment for aspiring entrepreneurs to expand the scope of business opportunities.ellowChain will create a link between Entrepreneurs, Service Providers, Producers, Sellers, Buyers and Citizens in providing an integrated service on a range of economic activities. YellowChain offers businesses on Home Services, Shoppings, Rentals, Events, Real Estate, Preowned/Used Products, & Local Products/Produces. Any service providers /sellers/individuals/groups can register themselves on the YellowChain Portal to enable the citizens/buyers to have access to their Service or Product.YellowChainwill features openness, orderly competition, good faith, security, reliability and ensure environmental care


Apart from such eCommerce website, there are other many business going around on Instagram and on Facebook.

Here’s one such Instagram shop that got my attention! They got pretty awesome stuffs!

Check out @northeast_for_you

NE eCommerce Website That's Launched During This Pandemic 5

PS: I’m sure there are more eCommerce website from NE that was launched during this pandemic. Please leave a comment if you know of any such eCommerce site that I have missed out! is hosted on A2Hosting - A Fast & Secure Web Hosting

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