The Wedding

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He stood there at the altar beside his best friend, looking down at the beautiful bride that is walking down the aisle. Her beautiful smile is brighter than ever and her radiant skins glow like a morning sunrays. It’s been three years already since he knew her. And while he stood there at the altar, memories of the past fills his mind.

 It all started on Facebook when he had messaged her three years ago.

“Hello, Are you Cindy’s sister?” he had asked, hoping for a reply. Yet a day was gone with no reply, and he nervously thought if he had made a mistake of messaging her.

‘’ Yes, I’m her sister” she had replied the next day.

And since then, they were addicted to one another. Messages after messages, calls after calls, yet they never get enough of one another.

She was a perfect girl; a little shy yet very courageous.  She was a beautiful woman who had captivated the heart of many young men. Her soft smooth skins, her sparkling eyes, her cute mole on her left cheek, everything was perfect. She was God’s masterpiece of beauty.

Their relationship blossoms days after days, months after months. They were just un-separable. Their first year was filled with video calls, messages, and long phone calls – trying their best to fill the distance gaps. And in the second year, they were able to meet up. They took a long vacation together, visited the hill stations, the beaches and spend in each other’s arms – the best days of their life. It was a year filled with romance, thrills, and adventures.

And now, he stands here at the altar, with his best friend by his side, looking at her while she walks down the aisle with the sound of the piano matching her every step. Every step she walks closer to the altar, he skips his heartbeat.

He could no more hear anything other than his thumping heartbeats; his eyes could no more see anything other than her, walking down the red aisle in her snowy white gown.

And there she was in the altar, beautiful as ever.

And there he was, standing beside her and his best friend while they exchange vows and wedding rings in the presence of the wedding administrator and their families.

And when his best friend slides the wedding ring on her finger, he felt the most confused emotion, of extreme happiness and sadness. And more worst is the fact that he has to pretend like he was the happiest Best Man ever.

And as soon as the wedding was over he was gone. She looked for him but he was nowhere to be found.

What had happened in the third year, no one will know. It’s a secret best kept within her and him. A secret so deep even his best friend who just married her didn’t know about.

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  1. Sometimes you have to give up and let go of what you’ve wanted the most because they’re the one that will hurt you the most. What a sacrificial Brave Hopeless Romantic…

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